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"Brand China" and the internationalization of Chinese companies

In the present context of increased competition on the Chinese market and after many quality and health scandals caused by Chinese products on the global market, this paper aims at examining the possible interactions between Brand China and the Chinese companies in their effort to go global. In this objective it first explains how Brand China could ideally be implemented using the framework of the Corporate Branding model created by M. Schultz. It then looks at the obstacles encountered by Chinese Corporate Brands in their implementation in the Chinese context and determine what the effects of a consciously implemented Brand China would be on these obstacles. Using the Country-Of-Origin effect theory, it finally examines the interactions between Brand China and Chinese exports in foreign countries. Taking this and the present situation of Chinese Corporate Brands on the international market into account, it sets some priorities for the implementation of...

Susy Barreau
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
ISBN 9783844332469
4615 .

""Brand China" and the internationalization of Chinese companies"

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