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"Betrayed, Abandoned, Raped" A Literary Feminist Reading of Judges 19

Trible explicitly argues that we can recognize the contemporaneity of the story. Misogyny belongs to every age, including our own. Violence and vengeance are not just characteristics of a distant, pre-Christian past: they affect the communities of the world to this day(1984:66. I maintain that violence against women, influenced by patriarchal construction in our society is also reinforced by patriarchal ideologies echoed by some narratives in the Bible, like the story of the Levite and his wife in Judges 19.Furthermore this book seeks to break the silence against the victims/survivors of violence in society and also in religious communities.

Автор Olaotse Lekanang
Год выпуска 2012
Издатель LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
ISBN 9783847341413
Цена 7140 руб.

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