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"Gajpeepal" An Ayurvedic Herb As Hepatoprotective Agent

Hello readers i am very glad to introduce my work as a book to all of you. This book is the plant basesd pharmacological drug screening study. This was contains the basic pharmacological techniques, pharmacological procedures and the biochemical methods for determine the exect results of the study. This activity was highly accordance with the OECD Guideline and as per CPCSEA Guidelines(India). This is the original research and the results were found to be significant. The pharmacological study of any chemical or crude origin drugs are very importent for new drug discovary process this is the primary step for the new drug discovary from plants origins. In this book the hepatoprotective potential of the GAJPEEPAL (Scinadapsus Officinalis fruit)is explored by inducing the paracetamol hepatotoxicity in experimental animals(wistar rats). The calculations of results were done by the SPSS software. Thank you

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